The secret to getting more out of your 35-minute workout: The SUMHIIT Fitness App

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are nothing new to the fitness world

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Track, Improve, Connect: Harness the Power of Technology with the SUMHIIT Fitness App

Fitness trackers and smartwatches are nothing new to the fitness world, but with enhanced features and improved technology, there’s always something new to learn. Whether you recently purchased your first FitBit™ or you’ve just upgraded to the latest Apple Watch™, you’re in good company: more than 20 million people bought a wearable device in 2020 – and that’s just in the United States. Consumers are hyper focused on our health and wellness now more than ever. They are also inseparable from handheld devices. So it makes perfect sense that fitness brands and consumer electronic companies have jumped on consumer demand by making one’s personal health data more accessible through wearable technology like heart rate monitors and smartwatches.

SUMHIIT Fitness offers an app for members to integrate technology into their workout experience. What makes it unique is that it celebrates progress, builds community and makes exercise more of a fun game. We’re serious about utilizing advanced technology to help our members stay the course and we believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of having access to digital health data and workout performance metrics. When you know better, you do better. And that’s what we’re all about here — doing better.

What is the SUMHIIT app?

The SUMHIIT app is iOS, so it’s only available on Apple devices. (Stay tuned, Android friends, your time is coming!) Members can use the app inside or outside the SUMHIIT studio. The app tracks and records your performance during each workout by syncing with a wearable device such as an Apple Watch or heart rate monitor. With an Apple Watch, you can actually monitor your heart rate in real time which will help you identify the exercises where you can push yourself a little further. After class, you will get a full visual download of what was actually happening in your body during your workout. Those 15-second bike sprints that you gave 100 percent max effort? You’ll see a sharp spike in your heart rate graph and you’ll come to know exactly which exercises were pushing you into the red zone – your maximum heart rate.

When you use the app you’ll get a detailed report at the end of each workout that will show you how many calories you’ve burned, how long you spent in each heart rate zone, your average heart rate and your max heart rate. This report will visually validate your effort, which will drive your fitness journey forward.

These core capabilities of the SUMHIIT Fitness app are not unlike other fitness apps; most fitness brand apps offer a similar experience. But in true SUMHIIT fashion, we took it a step further with our app and integrated additional features so you can level up.

A holistic view of workouts

In addition to a daily workout report, the SUMHIIT app also displays your workout history so you can see your progress over time. You’ll get an overview of the number of classes you’ve taken that month and how many calories you’ve burned. This capability allows you to look at your fitness at both a micro and a macro level, and that gives you a baseline for improvement. Knowledge is power, so if you want all of the details, you can see an in-depth look. Want the quick synopsis? We’ve got that, too. Once you’re equipped with accurate information, we can help you personalize or reassess your goals, or even set new ones, as you hit milestones.

A tight-knit community

One of the unique features of the SUMHIIT app is that it allows you to connect with members outside of the studio, so you can find that one-in-a-million friend who actually loves burpees as much as you do. Whether you head to the community section for your daily dose of inspiration or your daily download of how everyone else felt about that day’s workout, you will find a forum of members and coaches who are there to hype you up, commiserate alongside of you or answer any questions that you didn’t get to ask in class. It’s a personal hype squad that includes SUMHIIT Fitness studios from California to the Carolinas.

SUMHIIT Fitness — gamified

There are two types of people at SUMHIIT Fitness: those who are all about self-improvement and individual progress and those who live for friendly competition with other members. The SUMHIIT app serves both in a unique way using exercise gamification.  Exercise gamification uses a fitness tracking app to record progress and reward users whenever they hit milestones or reach their goals. The rewards are used as an incentive to reinforce behavior and propel performance, so that eventually, the behavior develops into a habit. The intent behind exercise gamification is that it makes working out more fun and also keeps participants more engaged in the workout and their progress.

At SUMHIIT, we gamify our workouts through our app in a number of ways. Workouts earn points on the app. The harder you hustle, the more points you earn. The app features leaderboards, so you’re able to compete against yourself or other members if you’d like. Notice that we said compete, not compare. Competition can be a healthy motivator but comparison is the thief of joy. Our studios host their own competitions, and SUMHIIT Fitness also holds nationwide challenges where members can compete against themselves, fellow studio members or members from other studios. There are big-time prizes up for grabs, but we like to think of our challenges as one big celebration that EVERYONE is invited to!

Want to give the SUMHIIT app a go?

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