Top 3 Reasons we’re bidding Adieu to the 60-Minute Workout

You can get a lot of Work done in less than an Hour

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Maximize Your Fitness: Efficient and Powerful Workouts in Under 45 Minutes at SUMHIIT

We have nothing against fitness classes that are 60 minutes long. And we have nothing but admiration for dedicated gym goers who carve time out of their day to spend an hour or more at the gym. What we do have a problem with is the stigma that says if you’re not working out for an hour you won’t reach any of the results you want. If you’ve ever left the gym feeling guilty because you didn’t stay longer, this article is for you.

Classes at SUMHIIT are fast and furious, meaning you’ll see a lot of results in a short amount of time. Our classes are formatted using a combination of HIIT and HIFT – so they’re full of high-intensity intervals and functional fitness movements. Combined, they’ll help your body get stronger and faster. Wondering what the difference is between HIIT and HIFT? Check out our article here. [insert link to HIIT vs HIFT article]

So if you’re programmed to think you need to work out for hours on end in order to see results, know that this is simply not the case. You’ll be happily surprised at how quickly your body gains muscle through our intervals of hard-hitting movements like burpees, squats, plank-holds and weighted lunges. When you jump back and forth between those movements and the cardio blasts on your air bike, you’re building new plateaus for yourself in a short amount of time. The classes will be fast, and the results will come even faster. And they’re fun!! Nobody needs another mindless hour on an elliptical while staring at a television.

Here are the top three reasons why our classes are finished in 45 minutes or less:

Reason 1: A quick workout eliminates the “no time” excuse

Giving up less than an Hour of your Time to take Care of Yourself is Attainable

Sure, one hour out of your day doesn’t seem like a significant commitment; but add in the commute to and from the gym and suddenly 60 minutes turns into 90 minutes. Add in a post-workout gym shower and your hour-long workout just became an ordeal. If you’re able to make the time and it’s working for you: keep doing you! But for those of you struggling to make the time with stacked schedules that are flooded with impromptu meetings, daycare pick-up, grocery shopping and a 9 to 5; we want you to know it’s not about the length of your workout, it’s what you do with the time you’re given. A high-intensity hustle that runs for 35 minutes is more efficient and productive than a 60-minute workout that’s not pushing you as hard as you can work.

Research says it’s significantly easier to create healthy habits if you start small. Therefore, it’s easier to commit to 35-45 minutes out of your day than it is to dedicate an entire hour. Think about your morning workout as you’re getting ready for bed. Do you look forward to or dread the hour you have planned on your go-to cardio machine? If exercise is making you bored or complacent, it’s time to get the most bang for your buck in a shorter amount of time.

Reason 2: When it Comes to SUMHIIT Classes, Less is More

You’ll cover a lot of Ground in Class

Did you know you can burn as many calories in a half hour of high-intensity exercise as you can in an hour of traditional cardio? A SUMHIIT Fitness class is 35 minutes and you’ll burn 500-700+ calories in every class. That’s just as much as an hour of running. Every one of our workouts is intentionally designed to keep you hustling the whole time and the intensity starts high and stays high through the entire class, even through core at the end.

Plus, this type of high-intensity training is known to burn calories long after the workout ends through a phenomenon called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The afterburn effect isn’t nearly as prominent after a long, steady cardio session. It occurs when your body is pushed to depletion through a high-intensity workout. Because of this, your workout continues after you leave our studio doors. You’ll be feeling the endurance high all day long.

Reason 3: Performance Diminishes at the End of a Long Workout

Our Classes are built for High Intensity the whole Time

One of the reasons that high-intensity training works is that though it requires multiple all-out efforts, the exertion period is brief. Because it’s short, you can maintain the intensity and use your energy when it counts. During a long workout, like an hour on the treadmill, you fight fatigue at the end. If you’re fatigued 30 minutes in, you have 30 minutes left where your energy is expended fighting through exhaustion. Your performance will wane and your form likely will, too. This is when injuries often occur.

Our intervals are attainable while still being difficult. You’ll never be doing something for longer than 90 seconds, so your adrenaline will be high and your attention won’t get distracted, ever. Plus, because you’re working out as a team, you’ll be operating a high frequency together, never alone, which will keep your momentum strong and your attention focused.

Quality over quantity. At SUMHIIT Fitness we’ll get you in and out the door in no time so you can get on with your day.

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