What to expect at your first SUMHIIT Fitness class

You signed up for our HIIT workout, find out what happens next!

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First Time at SUMHIIT: Five Essential Tips for Your High-Intensity HIIT Workout Experience

Maybe you’ve already seen us on Instagram. SUMHIIT is a cinematic workout that’s filled with members who pass out high fives, coaches who inspire and bike sprints. So. Many. Bike. Sprints. We break out our classes into short, high-intensity intervals that have you switching cardio with strength at high frequency. SUMHIIT classes are hard. They’re short. And most importantly, they’re fun.

If you’ve never worked out with SUMHIIT before, you can try a free class with no strings attached. We think you’ll want to come back the next day. The energy is contagious. The afterburn is addicting. And the community is supportive.

Here are our top five tips about what you can expect from your first HIIT workout at SUMHIIT:

1. Dress for success: What to wear to a HIIT workout

What you wear will make an impact on how you perform

Prior to your first HIIT class, a workout instructor will reach out to answer any of your questions and get you excited for what’s to come. If you’re wondering what to wear, we’ve got you covered. Arrive in something you’re comfortable moving in; breathable, sweat-wicking fabric is your best bet. Some of our members prefer a relaxed fit top with biker shorts, while others prefer a tight-fitting crop top with high-waisted leggings. No matter your style, wear athletic shoes that offer support because once class starts you won’t stop moving. If you have longer hair, we do recommend doubling down on hair ties. You will sweat. And finally, if you have a wearable BluetoothTM device such as an Apple Watch or heart rate monitor, bring it to class and you can track your performance so you can set goals for future classes.

2. Show up early: We’ll still have you in and out in under an hour

We don’t want you to be rushed for your first class

We’ll send you a class reminder an hour before you begin. Try to arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes in advance. You will be met by a front desk person who will have you sign a waiver if you haven’t already and give you a quick tour of the studio. Next, someone will help you set up your bike height and explain the workout format to you. You’ll be paired up with another member and share the same bike and training space. Don’t worry! If it’s your first class, you’ll likely be paired with a SUMHIIT veteran who will show you the ropes. Research shows that working out with a partner or in a group will encourage you to work harder. Everyone who walks through our studio doors is supportive. Remember, when you workout at our HIIT class, you’re working out as a member of a team.

Make sure to mention any injuries or discomfort to your coach in advance of the workout so they can offer modifications  throughout class. We want you to challenge your body while honoring it.

3. Set yourself up for success: Class format

Get to know how class is structured before you walk through the door

You may already know that a SUMHIIT Fitness workout consists of 35 minutes of high-intensity functional training (LINK TO HIFT vs. HIIT article) (HIFT), but understanding how the class structure works and why it works is important, too. The front desk personnel will tell you your bike number and whether you are starting on the bike or on the floor. You will be assigned a group; match your group assignment with the group square on the TV. That will tell you which floor exercise is coming up next for you.

There will be recommended warm-up exercises posted and your coach will give an introduction to the workout. Before class starts, there’s a 10-second countdown and then it’s go time. The next 35 minutes are going to take everything you’ve got and then some, but you have it in you.

If you’re starting on the assault bike, you’ll stay on it until the timer goes off. Your coach will guide you through the exertion level, whether it’s your max effort or a recovery interval. As you push through your bike interval, glance at the TV screen to see which area of the floor you’re headed to next. Pro tip: visualize where you’re headed and which weight you’ll want to grab. When the timer goes off, you will have seconds to get off your bike and head to the floor, where you’ll perform a strength or resistance exercise until the timer goes off. At that point, you’ll switch back to your bike. You’ll continue that back-and-forth pattern for the entire 35 minutes. Instead of rest periods, you’ll have transition periods, so you never stop moving. And just when you think you can’t do one more bike sprint or push out one more rep; class is done!

After the 35-minute workout, your coach will invite you to stay for an additional 10 minutes where everyone will head to the floor for a core workout and stretch. Even though it’s optional, it’s an awesome way to burn a few more calories and wind down the workout.

4. Timing is everything: Get to know your intervals

Our classes rely on fast-moving circuits of varying lengths

Interval length depends on the class you’re taking. There are three main types of SUMHIIT classes:

60/10: we call this one the OG. It’s the classic class with 60 seconds of butt-kicking and 10 seconds of recovery.

90/15: love yourself a heavy lifting day? This class is for you. You’ll have 90 seconds to equip yourself with the right weight and find the perfect form.

40/20: expect a Tabata-style workout with cardio-based exercises that will keep your heart rate ramped for 35 minutes. It’s 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Fast and furious.

5. What to expect after class

Your body will benefit even after you’ve left the gym

The SUMHIIT high will hit you as soon as you walk out of the studio doors. The idea of doing it all over again might make you think twice, but here’s the deal: we switch between an upper body and lower body focus, so while your legs may be feeling shaky today, they’ll get a break in class tomorrow. We’ll send you a preview of the weekly workout in advance so you can schedule your workouts accordingly.

Your SUMHIIT Fitness class isn’t just a workout, it’s an experience. Whether your goals include changing your body or strengthening your muscles, there’s a bike here with your name on it.

Think SUMHIIT Fitness might be for you? We welcome all levels of fitness and offer a personal approach to every group class.

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What to expect at your first SUMHIIT Fitness class

You signed up for our HIIT workout, find out what happens next!